Live Workshops

HPO Global Alliance workshops are designed to give participants very practical tools and insights so that they better understand, design, and lead high performance organizations. Each workshop is built on a foundation of research-based, high-performance principles. It translates the principles into realistic application through simulations, other experiential exercises, and real-world corporate examples. Participants are therefore in a position to accurately apply what they have learned to the unique situations in their organization.


HPO Diagnosis

This diagnosis process is conducted in collaboration with our strategic partners at the HPO Center in the Netherlands. It invites you to compare your organizational capabilities with the HPOs in a global study of over 2,500 companies.

An organization begins to determine its HPO status by conducting an HPO Diagnosis where managers and employees fill in the HPO Questionnaire (available in over 15 languages), in which they indicate how well the organization performs on the 35 HPO characteristics, on a scale of 1 (very bad) to 10 (excellent).  For more information click on the HPO Center logo


HPOs Today

A one day workshop

A one day program with Dave Hanna that integrates decades of research and experience to spell out what needs to be in place to qualify as a high performer. (The HPO research showed those at the HPO standard enjoyed double digit advantages in all financial measures vs. those who didn’t meet the standard.) This is a very interactive organizational simulation that lets you experience the dynamics of measuring an organization against the HPO validated standard, then diagnosing the whole system that produces those results, and using the latest organization design tools to plan the needed changes.

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