Aligning Strategy With Organizational Capabilities


“Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.” – Peter Drucker

This workshop provides you the opportunity to convert your strategy from good intentions to bottom-line results. Key elements in this conversion are organizational capabilities – things like speed of change, innovation, connection with your customers, or collaboration. Such capabilities enable you to get the results you seek. You will experience a process in which you will choose a few organizational capabilities that are essential to delivering your strategy and then designing organizational processes and systems to bring the capabilities to life.



In this one-day workshop we will use the Organizational Systems Model to connect the links between strategy, organizational capabilities, other critical systems, culture, and business results.Your organization is perfectly designed to get the results it gets. If your strategy calls for better results than in the past, you can’t get there with yesterday’s organization.

Workshop Agenda

1. Connecting Strategy and Organizational Capabilities: which capabilities must be in place to deliver your strategy?
Strategy & Capabilities

2. Organizational Systems Model (OSM): a roadmap for aligning all critical organizational elementsOSM Plain 2.0




3. Designing The Right Connection: case examples from companies like Procter & Gamble and Ritz-Carlton using the OSM to illustrate how to align the organization with organizational capabilities and strategy

4. Case Study Organizational Simulation: small teams read the case, choose a strategy and organizational capabilities, and then design specific processes and systems to deliver one of the capabilities.

Roche Affinity Wall small

5. Home Organization Design: home teams align their strategy and organizational capabilities using the workshop tools.

6. Next Steps Action Plan: the first things you will do when returning to your home organization

Action Plan.001


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