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A Ferrari F1 Pit stop is less than 2 seconds!  Each person has a specific role and must be completely aligned with everyone else on the team.  Each crew member’s body position and movement must be exact, and timed perfectly, because any mistakes could cost the race or a life.

High Performing Organizations work the same way. Managers, associates, systems, and work processes all must be aligned for continuous improvement and long-term survival.

High Performance Organizations Enable:

1. You to understand why you are perfectly designed to get the results you get today.

2. Realign your organizational elements so that you get and sustain high performance in the future.

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Learn about some of the very latest developments in the world of HPOs. Download  HPOs Today, the whitepaper by Dave Hanna, in collaboration with André de Waal and Jeffery Liker, combining research-validated High Performance factors, lean processes, and organization design principles from industry leaders from around the world.
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Aligning People to Strategy





The Issue:  Leadership

Business leaders must be deeply committed to reach the peak of high performance. They learn from the market, competition, and all associates. They earn and maintain the trust of all associates. They adapt accordingly as changes in the market and unexpected situations come to them.

  How we can help !

Among other things here are two important steps that successful leaders have taken:

  1. A diagnosis of the current state of your whole system. This helps you be clear about your journey’s starting point.
  2. Learning about the key factors and organizational principles that differentiate HPOs from their peers. This helps expand your vision of what is possible for you to achieve.  

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Aligning Change Management & Organization Design



  The Issue:

Change Management and Organization Design

Too often, change management and organization design are treated as
separate items on the “To Do” list. Defining the desired change is critical,
but the new behaviors and practices must be institutionalized if the desired change is to truly become a new way of operating.


How we can help!


These two processes must be approached together if the changes you want are to be anything more than a short, temporary

This is precisely the contribution of organization design – to solidify the new way of working together through new processes, structures, and systems.

Aligning Culture and Strategy

        The Issue:

Culture vs. Strategy

Strategy is essentially a statement of good intentions. Culture is a description of “the way we really do things.” Seldom do people in the organization fully practice (in culture) what they preach (with strategy).

How we can help!


The disparity between practice and preaching is due to two major factors:

(1) organizations, like individuals, fall into bad habits and

(2) strategy

is pushed aside by some (invisible) underlying assumptions and beliefs.


“Smart Organizations”


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