Shaping A High Performance Culture


This workshop is intended for small teams to learn how culture directly affects their business results and to plan changes in their culture to improve those results. The program is a mixture of short presentations, video cases, and more than 50 percent of the time in your team tasks. The many case examples illustrate clearly the dynamics of culture, how it affects the bottom line, and what leaders have done successfully to change their culture for better results.



This one day workshop takes the concept of organizational culture out of the academic ivory towers and makes it tangible in your work place. With the insights and tools you gain in the session, you will be able to plan specific ways to improve your results. Key elements include:

1.The dynamics of culture: how culture is formed, maintained, and changed.Home Construction Team


2.What makes a high performance culture: recent global research identified five key factors that make all the difference.What Makes A HPO







3.Culture and the bottom line: how culture directly affects your business results.Culture shapes Results.001

4.Leaders and culture change: powerful examples of leaders who have changed their culture with lasting effects.gorbachev copyMother Teresa

5.Action planning: your team will assimilate the day’s learning into a specific action plan to initiate needed culture changes back home.

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