High Performance Leadership


Leading an organization on the HPO journey faces unique challenges and obstacles that require one’s commitment and skills. This workshop will help you develop a plan to fortify yourself for the journey ahead. The focal areas are personal commitment, understanding of HPO principles, and case studies of past leadership successes.



This workshop examines the role of the leader at any level in the journey to high performance. The specific dynamics of the HPO transformation are examined to provide participants with understanding, skills, and personal commitment to run the course to a successful finish. Numerous case examples are used to connect learning with actual experiences that have succeeded and failed. Key elements include:

1.The Genesis of Leadership: a framework that illustrates how effective leadership begins with the leader’s core – mission, commitments, and sacrifice. This forms trusting relationships with others. Leadership is further strengthened by specific competencies required by the people, organization, and HPO path.Genesis of Leadership

2.HPO Key Factors: global research on what makes an HPO has validated five factors that produce financial advantages at the bottom line: (1) Quality Management, (2) Quality Employees, (3) Long-Term Orientation, (4) Continuous Improvement/Innovation, and (5) Open and Action Oriented Management.

3.HPO Organization Design Principles: elements such as systems thinking, value-driven purpose, teamwork, continuous improvement, problems solved at the source, and balanced workflow among others.

4.Facing Resistance to Change: case examples from companies like Procter & Gamble, Amazon.com, Shell Oil, Football Club Barcelona show how other leaders have overcome resistance and barriers to become HPOs.


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