Value-Driven Purpose

Leaders define a distinctive business strategy, core operating values, and clear expectations to chart the course at each milestone of the journey. Their purpose includes critical needs of their most important stakeholders.



Do you think you know what your most important stakeholders need to get from you?

Have you paid the price to KNOW what they really need from you?

Most managers answer “yes” to the first question and then get a nervous expression on their faces before dancing around the second question.

The fact of the matter is that most managers are clear about what THEY want from their important stakeholders; they typically have insufficient data about what their stakeholders need from them.

The source of HPOs’ ability to outlast their competitors is a purpose that adds value to their many stakeholders. Meet stakeholder needs better than anyone else and you will have all the business you want. Fail at doing this, and stakeholders (customers, suppliers, associates) will look elsewhere to meet their needs.

How We Can Help

We help clients:

  1. Fill in any blind spots about key stakeholder needs by gathering first-hand data about those needs. This can be done more quickly and with far less cost than most conventional approaches.
  2. Based on the stakeholder needs identified, identify the 4-5 most critical priorities – those few things, that if you do them and nothing else, you will still be very successful. (And if you do a lot of other things very well, but fall short on any of the few priorities, your business will start to shrink.)
  3. Craft a purpose statement that is clear, compelling, and simple so that every associate can connect with it. We help everyone in the organization literally get on “the same page.”
  4. We help align the chosen purpose with those organizational capabilities that will make or break its successful fulfillment. Organizational capabilities are some of those intangible factors that drive over 60 percent of today’s market share value – things like collaboration, customer connections, speed, efficiency, and leadership.


Offerings – Workshops

Shaping a Value-Driven Purpose

Aligning Strategy With Organizational Capabilities

Offerings – Consulting

Strategic HPO Consulting– consulting with you in the formulation and implementation of HPO change strategy

Offerings – Reading

Secrets of High Performing Organizations   a whitepaper by Andre deWaal




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