Shaping A Value-Driven Purpose


Organizations have had a love-hate relationship for years with anything that resembles a mission statement. The love comes from the need for clear, meaningful direction. The hate comes from too many experiences with people who don’t “walk the talk.” In this workshop we will review principles and practices that have led to inspired and aligned work behaviors that have built high performance.



This workshop overcomes past implementation mistakes that have led to today’s widespread cynicism about anything that looks like a mission statement. A Value-Driven Purpose may include mission, vision, strategy, and corporate values. HPOs have a Value-Driven Purpose. Such a Purpose addresses key needs of critical stakeholders and is aligned with principles that have spelled success in many organizations around the world.

Workshop Agenda
1. Value and Stakeholders: value is in the eye of the beholder; how to understand what stakeholders really value from your organization.

Stakeholder Map
2. Elements of Purpose: Purpose, Strategy, and Values. How the whole is greater than a sum of the parts.
3. What drives commitment to Purpose: Content (meeting core needs), Process (involvement brings commitment), and Practice (treat it like the Constitution to govern behavior)


4. Organizational Simulation I: work from the individual perspective, with a small group, and finally in complex groups to reach a common purpose that engages all.

1-2-4 Mission Groups (no arrows)

5. Organizational Simulation II: using the “Constitution” to handle business dilemmas: use your purpose (from the Simulation I) to help you decide what to do.

Purpose tests w:stakeholders

6. Your Action Plan: first steps in shaping a value-driven purpose back home.

Action Plan.001


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