Strategic HPO Consulting

“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” – Winston Churchill

Leading an organization to high performance is more like a mountain-climbing expedition than a Sunday walk in the park. It is a long-term proposition. It has some traps and barriers along the way. But, like any mountain expedition, the odds of safely reaching your desired target are greatly improved if you have a guide who has traveled the path before and knows the terrain. This is the relationship we like to forge with our clients in search of HPO achievement. We are your partners in the journey: You scope out the expedition with our coaching. You progress from milestone to milestone with us. We advise beforehand if you are getting too close to a precipice. We share your exuberance and celebrate successes along the way.



We will consult with you to shape your High Performance strategy (to include the following elements):

1.Educate yourself about the challenges and opportunities of becoming an HPO and the resources available to assist you. Learn from others’ experiences and the latest tools and approaches to help you choose your preliminary targets.HPO Logos

2.Get a fix on your current position. Use some diagnosis tools to understand how close/far you are from where you want to be. Two excellent tools for this are the HPO Center’s HPO survey (measure yourself against the globally-validated factors that bring superior results) and The HPO Global Alliance’s Organizational Systems Model diagnosis process (to help you better understand why you are where you are).

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3.Agree on the vision of the future organization. Firm up your future organizational template, taking into consideration your target and your current position.

4.Test the vision pragmatically. Develop a realistic implementation plan that can take you where you want to go.

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5.Expand the future organization model. Whether in small steps (pilot cases) or more holistically (all move forward together in phases), your expansion plan needs to account for what you have learned so far in the process.

6.Review and revise the model as appropriate. No organizational transformation ever rolls out without some unexpected developments. We help you spot alarming “surprises” early on and help you regroup before serious consequences arise.


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