HPOs are produced by High Performing People. These associates must
possess the critical competencies to deliver the strategy. They must be (like their
leaders) also be open to change based on external changes, new opportunities, and
continuous improvement ideas.



Here’s a formula that explains why people do or do not change:

C= (DVS)>X

Change is a function of:

  • Dissatisfaction with the status quo
  • A compelling Vision of the future state
  • Practical first Steps to move from the status quo to the desired future state

AND if the above three factors outweigh the perceived cost (X= $, comfort zone, etc.) of making the change.

How We Can Help

We help associates all over the world recognize how an HPO makes their life better and strengthens the survival skills of their company. Our workshops show them what they can do to contribute to a successful HPO.

Offerings – Workshops

  HPOs Today Workshop

  Improving Your Organization’s Results

  Shaping A High Performance Culture Workshop

  High Performance Leadership Workshop

  Coaching High Performance Teams

Offerings – Consulting

HPO Team Consulting

Offerings – Reading

  Why Does Culture Matter
Why Can’t You Understand Do I Have To Draw You a Picture?
  Inconsiderate Decisions and the Consumer


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