HPOs carefully define their work processes and continuously improve them. They recognize that all work tasks are part of a process and all processes are designed to fulfill the core needs of the customers. HPOs continuously improve their processes through closer customer connections and by working with each supplier, for innovation, safety, product development.



Everybody complains about bureaucracies, but too few know what to do to eliminate them. Bureaucracies were formed based on the notion that work should be simplified and most advantageous for those doing the work. Bureaucratic processes break down and divide tasks to the smallest possible components. Thus no one has the oversight or the ability to redesign the process.

As Dr. W. Edwards Deming used to say, “95 percent of the problems in the workplace are caused by poor systems; only 5 percent by people.” This means if you put a good person into a broken process or system, the result will be poor. Replace such a “poor” employee in the same process and the next round of results will still be poor.

How We Can Help

Customer-focused processes turn bureaucracies upside down. Customer-focused processes begin with the customer needs as the desired output. Then the inputs, each process step, structure, information flow, and people skills are revised and aligned to deliver the desired output.

We employ proven methods that are simple, fast, and very effective in designing processes that deliver what customers want, when they want it, and in the right quantity.

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