Consulting To Redesign The Whole System

All too often, managers and the consultants they employ believe they already know how the organization needs to be reconfigured to get better results. They attack the problem by immediately making design changes. For example, some common reactions to poor results are to set new goals, or to modify the bonus system, or to restructure, or to replace the manager. Prescribing without first diagnosing doesn’t work any better for organizations than it does for purchasing your next pair of glasses or contact lenses.

Our consulting approach to working with the whole system is to diagnose before prescribing. We have helped organizations all over the world make significant improvements in less time and with lower costs than they thought possible.



Our consulting approach is the same as that of a skilled medical professional: we work with you to diagnose your organization’s current state of health before prescribing any “cures.” We partner with you every step of the way so that you learn how to repeat these processes with ever decreasing external support in the future. The fundamental steps in this process are:

1.Introductory Data Gathering: we interview some of your associates to understand some of the major stakeholder issues affecting your organization’s current level of performance. We also recommend you participate in the HPO Center’s HPO survey to measure how well you measure up against statistically-validated HPOs.

Stakeholder Map #1


2.Whole Systems Education: we customize a highly interactive workshop for you to explore the foundations and principles for diagnosing and designing HPOs.

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3.Diagnosis Work Session: we facilitate a representative group of your associates to go through the diagnosis process to determine why you are “perfectly designed to get today’s best and worst results.” The tool we use for this is the Organizational Systems Model. This framework and process tool has brought profound insights to every client about what really goes on every day in their organization.

Diagnosis Process





4. Design Work Session(s): based on the outcomes of the Diagnosis Work Session, we work with you to craft a design process to elevate you to HPO status. All or most of the participants in this session should have also participated in the Diagnosis Work Session. The specific elements to be designed (or redesigned), the number of sub-teams addressing the issues, and the number of sessions (one or more at your request) will be determined based on the diagnosis data.

OSM Design Process



5.Implementation Planning: it is a sad reality that many a grand organization design plan fails to deliver the hoped-for results. A common error is to assume that organization design is “done” after the work session has defined the new design template. We will coach you in developing an implementation plan that is aligned with your design, is realistic, anticipates (and counters) any “viruses” (cultural backlash to the changes), and monitors progress into the future.

6.Further Development: one of our strong values is to help our clients become more self-sufficient in the processes of organizational diagnosis and design. Once the initial design has been successfully implemented (or even before if you wish), we will consider and deliver on any wishes you have to develop deeper skills in the whole systems design technology. A very successful model of this “deeper dive” is our Consultant Certification Program (for business leaders also – see our brochure).



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