High Performance Organizations

What exactly is a High Performing Organization and how do I know if we quality?

We have tried many different improvement techniques, but nothing has really made a lasting difference in our results.



Dr. André de Waal of the University of Maastricht in The Netherlands has studied meticulously what makes an HPO. His global study of over 2,500 organizations of all sizes; in public, private, and government sectors; and in all corners of the world has validated that HPOs are comprised of five key factors:

  • Managers that are decisive, build trust relationships, and hold others responsible;
  • Employees who want to assume responsibility and excel and who are complementary, flexible, and resilient;
  • Long-term orientation: focus on continuity and good long-term relationships with all stakeholders;
  • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Managers who communicate often with employees, are open to change, are performance oriented, and who engage in real dialogue with others.

High Performance Organizations (HPOs) are not like instant pudding. You don’t just add a new ingredient to your culture and transform it in a few days. Experience has taught us that transforming a whole system requires a systemic approach. The five HPO key factors (and their sub-factors) represent such an approach.

How We Can Help

We can facilitate your participation in André de Waal’s HPO diagnosis process in which you organize your associates to take the online HPO survey, then Dr. de Waal and associates interview some of your key associates to better understand the survey scores, and culminating in a feedback session to present your HPO profile to your selected audience. The feedback includes a few “attention points” – items that deserve your primary attention in your quest to become an HPO.

We also provide other tools and approaches to help you address any issues you need to address.

Offerings – Workshops

 HPOs Today Workshop

HPO Diagnosis Process with André de Waal and associates

 Improving Your Organizational Results: Organizational Diagnosis & Design Workshop

Offerings – Consulting

We suggest you begin the HPO journey by getting an accurate fix on your organization’s current level of performance (via André de Waal’s HPO Diagnosis Process or similar approach) and then determine your strategic plan for reaching the HPO standard. We have consulted with and coached many organizations in such a process.

Offerings – Reading

What Makes A High Performance Organization by André de Waal

The Toyota Way, by Jeffrey K. Liker

The Organizational Survival Code by David P. Hanna

The Future Is Fluid Form: Practical Steps for Designing Flat, Flexible Organizations by Ord Elliott

HPOs Today – a three-part HPO Global Alliance whitepaper

  Secrets of High Performance Organizations whitepaper by André de Waal



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