Breaking Down Boundaries

Organization charts are the fearful, controlling response to perceived chaos, the mental image of a gaggle of people who are picking and choosing what they want to do. A firm structure gives a feeling of comfort and security, as opposed to structures that are process-based and more likely to change over time. Unfortunately, rigid boundaries […]
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Optimizing Student Teams

  Optimizing student teams began with a school-wide policy that 30% of each student’s grade was to be derived from the students teaching each other. I, like most of my colleagues, implemented a program of individual and group presentations. Immediately, student cynicism became obvious. “Why,” I asked. “Why don’t you tune in to the other […]
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Delivering Education

It is clear that advances in technology are revolutionizing education – both in schools and in workplaces – but there is a gulf between those who eagerly embrace online learning as the ultimate answer to the education crisis, and those who see online education as threatening, signaling the demise of something greater. Why are there […]
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