Lean Mean Thinking Machine

Lean philosophy in your workplace  The economic climate over the past five years has changed the internal workings of companies forever.  Worldwide, the majority of companies have or are in the process of downsizing. As indicated in the April 2010 study conducted by...

Aligning Teams for Performance

A demanding performance challenge tends to create a Team. In any situation requiring a combination of multiple skills, experiences and judgments, a team inevitably gets better results than a collection of individuals. Teams provide the kind of responsiveness, speed,...

Delivering Education

It is clear that advances in technology are revolutionizing education – both in schools and in workplaces – but there is a gulf between those who eagerly embrace online learning as the ultimate answer to the education crisis, and those who see online education as threatening, signaling the demise of something greater. Why are there […]
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Distributing Leadership

A Silicon Valley network storage company faced a brutal life or death challenge. A competitor was coming out with a new server in six months that had performance and features which would surely obsolete their current product. They had been leapfrogged, and they knew...

Who’s in Charge of Your Attitude?

When something needs to be done, you do it yourself or have someone else do it for you. To get something done through someone else, you must somehow influence that person or people to do it, and to do that you must wield power. That doesn’t necessarily mean hierarchical power, as in “You’ll do it because I’m […]
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