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HPO leaders learn from the market, competition, and all associates. They align their organization with the principles of HPOs and adapt their organization elements as changes in the market and unexpected situations require.



“I want to develop an HPO, but I don’t have any experience with them.” Read More

“What can I do that will make a difference in the HPO journey?” Learn More




To lead the development of an HPO you need to be clear about your personal commitment and willingness to sacrifice your own comfort to make the breakthrough to high performance. More Information?


Value-Driven Purpose

Leaders aim to fulfill the most critical needs of their most important stakeholders. Their purpose takes shape as a distinctive business strategy, core operating values, and clear expectations that all add value to their stakeholders.



“Our company pleases some key stakeholders and disappoints others.” More Thoughts




You need a thorough understanding of all key stakeholder needs and then be able to shape a value-driven purpose that will drive your HPO. More Information



HPOs are produced by High Performing People. These associates must possess the critical competencies to deliver the value-driven purpose. They must be (like their leaders) also committed to HPO principles and systems and demonstrate continuous improvement to remain in alignment with market requirements.



It is true that many people have a hard time adapting to change. But it is also true that people change all the time. We can help you understand the dynamics of why people change. More Information



HPOs recognize that all work tasks are part of a process and all processes must be designed to fulfill the core needs of their customers. HPOs continuously improve their processes through closer customer connections and by working with each stakeholder for innovation, safety, and product development.


All processes are part of larger systems or networks of organizational units, resources, and information. Systems must be designed very differently than their individual elements.


1 understand why you are perfectly designed to get the results you get today. and 2 realign your organizational elements so that you get and sustain high performance in the future.

HPOs Today Part 1

What are they?

HPOs Today Part 2

How do they work?

HPOs Today Part 3

How can you make them work for you?

HPOs  Today

Learn about some of the very latest developments in the world of HPOs. Download part 1 of HPOs Today, the whitepaper by Dave Hanna, in collaboration with André de Waal and Jeffery Liker, combining research-validated High Performance factors, lean processes, and organization design principles from industry leaders from around the world.

Part 1 of HPOs Today

Thought for the day

Every downturn can have a silver lining


European Organization Design Forum

Dave will be presenting a Master Class and leading a discussion at the open forum at the EODF16 Conference.
EODF16 invites everyone who has experienced and explored the implications of disruptive org design, big data or other issues of organization design to join us in beautiful Barcelona.

Featured Product

Shaping a High Performance Culture

This workshop is intended for small teams to learn how culture directly affects their business results and to plan changes in their culture to improve those results.


Hi-We would love to connect with you. Twitter is where we share information, articles, and knowledge. We believe that knowledge should be shared and want to share yours as well as ours with the world. LinkedIn is our go to for networking and business. Google+ is important for also sharing information and we will devour to post there also. If we have time we will also post video on U-Tube. (That is a lot for just one person to do, but I will try by best.) We have met many wonderful people from Social Media and we intend to meet more so connect with us.

Studies and Papers

André de Waal

HPO Global Study:

Research Behind High Performance Organizations

Over 290 academic and management publications in the area of high performance were studied to build the HPO Framework. Thousands of respondents from 1470 organizations in 50 countries indicated how their organization scored on these characteristics and how they performed financially. The data revealed five clusters, the so-called HPO Factors. When an organization scores higher on these five HPO Factors than its peer group, it also performs better financially.


Dave Hanna

The Organizational Survival Code:

Avoiding The Slippery Slope of High Performance

An analysis of the Top 100 companies over the past 100 years reveals an alarming number fall off the elite list every 10 years. Find out why they fall and how to avoid this fate. The Organizational Survival Code is a set of seven capabilities that enable any living system to endure for ages, whether in nature or in organizations.


Jonathan Escobar Marin, Jeff Liker, Dave Hanna

The Virtuous Circle of Sustainable Growth:

How lean management practices at Procter & Gamble and Toyota make for an environment based on customer focus and people development

  What do Toyota and Procter & Gamble have in common? A passion for developing people, a focus on customer satisfaction, and…enviable results that are sustained over time.


“We have worked with a number of large consulting firms. But this is the first time we have truly examined the whole system to learn what improvements we need to make in our business.”

Business Leader, Western Union Co.


Horses or Zebras and Organization Strategy?

There is a saying in the medical community, “When you hear hoof beats, assume horses, not zebras.” This is a great phrase to help doctors when diagnosing a patient. It means that when looking at the symptoms that a patient has, think of the more common explanations...

read more

The Drunken CEO

While learning to play chess with my college roommate, I learned an important business principle – the power of a drunk CEO. This revelation came one night when she was so drunk, she had to stand up between turns, just to prove to herself that she could. Before this...

read more

Can Systems Thinking Make a Difference In A Turnaround?

We are all drawn to stories of successful turnarounds. A turnaround is basically an abrupt or unexpected change in direction. I know of many personal turnarounds.   Two of my friends have quit drinking alcohol. It has been hard, with relapses, suffering, and lost, but...

read more

Featured Products


Where does leadership begin.

How can you empower others in your organization to lead?

How can leadership address the rapidly changing environment to adjust  in a timely manner ?

These and other questions are addressed in our HPO Leadership Workshop



Teams have always been around.  But a real study of teams did not occur until after WWI.  The coal mines of Wales needed to make drastic changes to keep up with the needs generated by the war.  They laid the ground work for the first high performing teams.  Yet we still struggle with how make make our teams work efficiently today.  The gap between efficient and high performing could be millions of dollars.

Learn from the leading experts in high performance teams


Consulting To Redesign

All too often, managers and the consultants they employ believe they already know how the organization needs to be reconfigured to get better results.



About Our Think Tanks: There are many forums and approaches dedicated to exchanging best practices. But as you know, one company’s best practice may be a misfit with your company’s strategy and culture. Our Think Tanks are more than a mere exchange of best practices. First we choose a subject that presents a big challenge or opportunity on the HPO journey. Then we assemble a group of experts and seasoned professionals on the subject. The group works for two days to define significant issues, organize research, and develop new tools and methodologies to elevate organizational performance. Then group members test the research and new tools in their own organizations and report back on their results. Finally, the key learning is shared with the broader HPO community via articles and whitepapers. Next Topic: Our next Think Tank will focus on developing virtual teams to become HPOs. It will take place February 8-9, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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