Series Two: High Performance Leadership

Purpose: to influence others so that they intrinsically pursue the organization’s purpose and goals.


Various Options: Learn what you want

— Single sessions
— Individual series
—Three-series package

Flexible Pricing: Prices vary according to the size of your organization. Customized sessions/series may be negotiated.

These are the 10 sessions of series Two: High Performance Leadership You may choose an individual session or the entire series

  1. Genesis of Leadership: where and how it begins
  2. Natural Laws and Survival: proven principles for leadership’s staying power
  3. Earning Trust: the glue and lubricant of all positive behaviors
  4. Leadership Mindsets: Are you a subordinate or a steward?
  5. Make Their Business Your Business: taking stakeholders seriously
  6. Shaping a Compelling, Common Purpose: beyond words alone to shaping united, aligned behaviors
  7. Organizational Survival Code: how leaders live by natural laws
  8. Synergistic Partnerships: conversion from transacting to true partnering
  9. Embracing Change: being the role model that others want to follow
  10. Leaving a Legacy: Shaping your contributions to outlast your works

Key Takeaways from this series:

  • Showing your total personal commitment and sacrifice to achieve the purpose/goals.
  • Aligning everything with natural laws 6 that govern organizational survival.
  • Deriving power from trust.
  • Leading a united effort to have win-win outcomes with key stakeholders.
  • Relishing the challenges of change and helping others to do same.
  • Knowing that your contributions will be celebrated long after you are gone.
Distance Learning: Zoom video conferencing

Engaging: More than mere virtual learning lectures

  • —  Pre-work
  • —  Worksheets and other tools
  • —  Application to participant’s real-world work
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