Series One: Systems Thinking & Organization Design

Purpose: To continuously align the organizational systems to ensure survival in the changing world.


Various Options: Learn what you want

— Single sessions
— Individual series
—Three-series package

Flexible Pricing: Prices vary according to the size of your organization. Customized sessions/series may be negotiated.

These are the 10 sessions of series one: Systems Thinking & Organization Design. You may choose an individual session or the entire series

  1. Paradigms, Organization Systems, & Diagnosis Process: seeing the organizational systems as they really are.
  2.  Organization Design: processes and tools to deliver better results
  3.  Purpose: Crafting one that is compelling and deeply shared
  4.  Work Processes: aligning to deliver what the customer needs
  5.  High Performance Teams: designing self- sufficiency
  6.  Structural Options: fine tuning for even better results
  7.  Rewards: rewarding the right behaviors and discouraging the wrong ones
  8.  Devlopment Paths: building greater synergy
  9.  Organizational Viruses: counteracting resistance to change
  10.  Implementation Planning: turning plans into results

The key takeaways of these 10 sessions are:

  • Constant monitoring of the evolving critical stakeholders’ needs
  • Strategizing to fulfill these evolving needs
  • Designing work processes to be aligned with changing strateigies
  • Organizing to solve problems at their source
  • Developing new capabilities to keep the organization competitive
  • Synergizing work efforts with key stakeholders so everyone wins
  • Adapting swiftly as external conditions require to fulfill the stakeholders’ needs

Distance Learning: Zoom video conferencing

Engaging: More than mere virtual learning lectures

  • —  Prework

  • —  Worksheets and other tools

  • —  Application to participant’s real-world work

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