Organization Diagnosis & Design Certification


This is an advanced program for those desiring deep skills and tools for leading groups through the processes of organizational diagnosis and design. Graduates of this program have led change efforts in their organizations that have brought millions of dollars to the bottom line and have avoided the traumatic miscalculations that often plague large system interventions. In this program you will be active in three roles: (1) Participant, (2) Presenter, and (3) Group Facilitator. You will come away with greater confidence that the few things you choose to change in the organization will actually make a difference in results – and be sustainable.

Dates May 8-10 2019

Location: Timpanogos Harley Davidson Lindon Utah

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The certification program is divided into a three day session followed by a two day session two months later.

Purpose: to help you shape a high performance organization by:         
  • Deepening Your Skills
  • Transforming Your Organization
  • Improving Your Results
Key Takeaways           

Once you are certified in using The Organizational Systems Model, you will be better able to:

  • Explain the root causes of your organization’s performance 5
  • Identify priorities for transforming the organizational capabilities that lead to better business results
  • Organize resources to sustain great business results
  • Lead others successfully to implement the Organizational Systems Model
  • Create an organizational action plan to handle future challenges


Central Framework

The Organizational Systems Model is a well-proven whole-systems tool to help you accurately diagnose the current organizational dynamics and provide profound insights on what elements to redesign for better results.

  • For Diagnosis: start with Stakeholder Needs and move clockwise to trace the cause-and-effect linkages that deliver today’s results
  • For Design: start with Stakeholder Needs and move counterclockwise to shape new strategy and organizational capabilities, organizational processes, structures, rewards, and people development systems and predict their impact on culture and results.
  • For Implementation: plan how to implement your design changes to ensure the needed culture and results emerge that will meet key stakeholder needs.
How It’s Organized

A three-phase process of “learning by doing” so that skills are deepened and results are improved.

  • Phase I: a three-day workshop devoted to equipping you to use the model for diagnosis and design
  • Phase II: Approximately 6-8 weeks between sessions to use the model in your work with an actual client group
  • Phase III: A two-day workshop focusing on questions and issues from Phase II and best practices from many industries and cultures.

Dates: May 8-10 2019

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Location: Timpanogos Harley Davidson Classroom Lindon Ut.   Click HERE to view the venue.


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