Organization Diagnosis & Design Certification



This is an advanced program for those desiring deep skills and tools for leading groups through the processes of organizational diagnosis and design. Graduates of this program have led change efforts in their organizations that have brought millions of dollars to the bottom line and have avoided the traumatic miscalculations that often plague large system interventions. In this program you will be active in three roles: (1) Participant, (2) Presenter, and (3) Group Facilitator. You will come away with greater confidence that the few things you choose to change in the organization will actually make a difference in results – and be sustainable.

Dates November 20-22 2019

Location: Timpanogos Harley Davidson Lindon Utah

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This workshop is for business managers and HR managers who want to better understand how to change a complex organization to improve its results. The tools and approaches used in this session can improve any organizational dilemma at any level. The central framework for the workshop is the Organizational Systems Model (OSM), a tool that has been used in numerous organizations to improve their results. The model shows how all results emerge from the confluence of Strategy & Organizational Capabilities, Processes, Structure, Rewards, and People systems – all of which are heavily influenced by external market conditions that shape constantly-evolving Stakeholder Needs.

The Key Factors in this workshop include:


1.Diagnosis: you will use the OSM to diagnose a real-world case study’s business dilemma. You will see how this company is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.

2.Design: you will review different organizational tools that might help the case study company and use them in recommending a strategy for change.

3.Organizational Survival Code: you will learn that the same principles that enable natural ecosystems to live for ages also apply to organizations. Aligning with these principles enables survival, violating them brings on extinction.

4.Group Facilitation: you will spend much of the workshop working in a small team to sharpen your involvement and insights. You will gain facilitation experience as you lead your team in some of the diagnosis and design tasks.




5.Back Home Application: Time is allocated between Phase I and Phase III for you to use the OSM for diagnosis and design of a back-home business dilemma. 

This workshop is five days divided into two parts: a three day segment followed by a two day segment.  It is held every 12-18 months and limited to 12 people.  You will be required to have a project to work on.  If you are interested in being included on the invitation list please e-mail. [email protected]

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