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Virtual Teams Think Tank

The elements of high performance in a team are

  • Strong relationships of trust with all stakeholders-internal and external
  • They are committed to a clear purpose which improves their organization and quality of life
  • They have efficient and effective that guide them in fulfilling their purpose
  • They quickly address any problem that might cause them to fail
  • They master physical tasks and take on leadership responsibilities to become self sufficient in their daily operation
  • They convert transaction with their stakeholders into true partnerships
  • They adapt to changes to insure the survival of their organization

Is it possible for teams that work remotely to achieve the above standards? Our think tank will explore these questions and more.  We will be creating methodologies, tools and insights to manage virtual teams more effectively and move toward high performing,

Cost: $3495

Date: February 8-9, 2016

Location: Las Vegas, NV Renaissance Hotel

Leadership Value-driven Purpose People Processes Systems High Performance Culture