There are many forums and approaches to exchange best practices. We believe our Think Tanks will be a creative and practical departure from these other approaches. After all, one company’s best practice may be a total misfit for your company’s culture and strategy.


One aspect of our mission at the HPO Global Alliance is to advance the principles, research insights, and practical applications that can elevate an organization’s performance. Accordingly, we are organizing some collaborative Think Tank sessions as one of our priorities.

Each of our Think Tank sessions is organized around a significant issue in the HPO experience. We start with the chosen HPO issue, network with professionals around the world to learn who is doing what, and invite a few professionals and experts to come together to explore such items as:
* Summarizing significant HPO accomplishments and reviewing the crucial elements of their successes.
* Identifying new opportunities or unresolved dilemmas in developing HPOs.
* Contributing new ideas and developing prototypes for practical application.
* Testing new tools and approaches in our own organizations and reporting on results.
* Organizing new research studies on HPO dynamics.
* Publishing whitepapers, articles, and books to advance HPO development.

Possible Future Topics

* HPOs in high tech cultures
* Leadership breakthroughs in HPOs
* Aligning all partners in a supply chain around HPO principles
* Aligning HPO principles and lean production
* Virtual team HPOs
* Benchmarking performance against the world’s absolute best in a given area (i.e., cycle time, customer service, lean production, flexible responsiveness, etc.)
* Customer-facing teams and HPOs
* Cross-cultural HPOs
* Monitoring HPOs over time
* The impact of HPOs on branding
* Others to be determined

Strategic partners and other leading experts and practitioners will join us for selected sessions to elevate each Think Tank’s outputs.

We invite you to join us and to share your perspectives, ideas, and experiences with a small group of seasoned peers who are on the same path.

If you are interested in receiving more information please fill out the following information, or if you hate form filling just e-mail and include any questions you might have.

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