Seeking someone who loves to close deals.

 ⇒ You are not afraid of cold calls

 ⇒ You find it easy to talk with people

 ⇒ It is fun and easy to close deals

⇒ You understand the language of business

⇒ You are willing to learn about our material

We need someone who would like to help us move our company forward by:

♦ filling seats in our workshops 

♦ following up afterwards 

♦ establishing a relationship.

This is a business development position that is flexible and has great potential for a lot of fun.


I do not have anything for you to fill out.  Please look at our website especially the About Us page and decide if this is the right place for you.   I will be looking for some one who is accountable and has high work ethics and moral values.  Formal experience is not as important as willingness to work.  A resume is nice but an up to date LinkedIn profile is great.  A twitter account and Facebook page is also helpful but not necessary.  This is commission based.

If you would like to move forward then e-mail me at with a day and time that we can meet or skype.  Also include any Social Media profiles you have.

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